What Are Ethical Hackers?

There’s an issue with how some people define the word “hacker.” For some, it’s a word synonymous with “cybercriminal,” but not in the infosec community. White hat hackers (the good guys) are the ones who find security issues so they can be fixed. The world is a lot better off because of them. Every day we interact with web applications and services built using programming languages. Hackers, both the white and black hat, comb through millions of lines of source code. Continue reading What Are Ethical Hackers? at Sucuri Blog.

5 Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website

It feels like every week there’s another security breach in the news. It can cause panic, especially when we think website security has to be complicated. But protecting your WordPress website doesn’t have to be hard. WordPress security is easier than you think. In this post, we cover 5 ways to secure your WordPress website. The Cost of Getting Hacked Before we dive into the WordPress security tips, it’s helpful to remember the cost of getting hacked. Sometimes hearing about it over and over on the news can be overwhelming to the point of paralysis. You need to understand the […]

wpDataTables <= 2.0.7 – XSS & SQL Injection


Understanding DDoS attacks: a guide for WordPress administrators

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a type of Denial of Service (DoS) attack in which the attack comes from multiple hosts as opposed to one, making them very difficult to block. As with any DoS attack, the objective is to make a target unavailable by overloading it in some way. Generally, a DDoS attack  entails a number of computers, or bots. During the attack each computer maliciously sends requests to overload the target. Typical targets are web servers and websites, including WordPress websites. As a result, users are unable to access the website or service. This happens because […]

Delivering WordPress Security for a Growing Brand

Envoy Mortgage, an independently-owned national mortgage lender serving retail originators, has been providing customers with a streamlined mortgage process since 1997. While their business has grown over the past two decades, so has their web presence, and along with it, all of the cybersecurity issues that today’s businesses face. With the proliferation of DDoS attacks… The post Delivering WordPress Security for a Growing Brand appeared first on WP Engine.

iThemes Sync <= 2.0.17 – Insufficient Secure Key Validation


SoundPress <= 2.2.6 – XSS


All In One WP Security & Firewall <= 4.4.1 – Open Redirect & Hidden Login Page Exposure


What is the Cost of Cybercrimes & Attacks

The word cybercrime is no longer just a word you hear coming from Fortune 500 CEOs anymore. This word has being flashed on every good morning news show and radio channel. Cybercrime can target any business or website owner. Even the average person who thought they were safe from hackers because they didn’t own a business – or their business wasn’t “big enough” to be hacked – can become a cybercrime victim. What Constitutes a Cybercrime A cybercrime is classified as any illegal or unethical activity committed through the use of the internet or a computer. Continue reading What is […]

Export Users to CSV < 1.4 – Unauthorised CSV Access