How to Detect the .bt WordPress Hack
Just recently we cleaned a WordPress site which was apparently hacked many years ago. The hack was still active and our client was lucky that we found it since he asked us to host the site for him(we’ll talk about this added service in a new blog post). Every time we handle a WordPress site we check if it has any signs of being hacked or compromised, we did the same for this site as well and we’ve found that it has been hacked for more than 2 years. While the site’s frontend worked fine its backend wasn’t maintained and […]

10 Signs showing your WordPress Site is Hacked
Warning Signs of a WordPress Site been Hacked WordPress sites are notorious for getting hacked. There’s a popular misconception that WordPress is faulty and easy to hack. The truth is, WordPress is the most popular CMS powering close to 40% of all sites on the web. As such, we can expect that hackers will target it most often, statistically. Regardless of the fact that naysayers are wrong, the threat is real. You might be experiencing some issues or noticing weird things on your site and you are suspecting that it might be compromised. While it is sometimes easy to spot […]

How to Protect Your WordPress Site from Getting Hacked
There is nothing scarier than your WordPress site being compromised and you feel helpless not knowing what to do to protect your WordPress site from Hackers. It takes a toll on your business, your revenue, your brand’s reputation and you even lose your sleep over it. Since WordPress Security is always on our mind here is a useful list of the 20 steps you need to take to protect your WordPress site from Hackers. How can you prevent your WordPress site from keep getting hacked? Here is a useful top 20 list of all the things you need to do […]

How to Detect and Fix WordPress Malware Redirect Hack
Dealing with a WordPress Malware Redirect Hack, in general, is always a frustrating experience. The malware can come in many forms and present itself with different symptoms, so to speak. It can change the layout of your site, something referred to as defacing, it can crash your site or it can even lead to a partial or a complete loss of content. Sometimes, you won’t even know its there at all. It all depends on the motive behind the attack. Some people do it just for the fun of it. Yes, I know – you’ve put a lot of money, […]

Did your WordPress site get hacked? Find out what to do next!
WordPress Hacked Issues? If you’re using WordPress, you should know that it gets hacked more often than any other CMS or platform. That’s because of its enormous popularity. In fact, WordPress now powers over 33% of the web accounting for nearly 75,000,000 sites. As such, WordPress is often targeted by hackers for profit. Hacking has become a very lucrative (though illegal) business, earning hackers trillions of dollars each year. That’s right. Trillions. According to some sources, cybercrime generates at least $1.5 trillion annually, costing companies of all sizes a lot more money than they’d like to lose. These statistics show […]

Easy WP SMTP v.1.3.9 Hacked Fix
Easy WP SMTP 0-Day vulnerability Easy WP SMTP is a very popular WordPress plugin that provides routing outgoing emails from a WordPress site to an SMTP server of choice. It is a great tool for resolving issues with the email delivery, we have used it on many occasions with our client sites, it has 300,000+ active installs and it is regularly updated. This is why it came as a shock when it was reported that the latest version of the plugin (1.3.9) had a serious security issue that led to a lot of sites being hacked. The plugin vulnerability was […]