Attacking and Enumerating Joomla

Discover the tips and techniques used to attack and break into Joomla based websites. An understanding of these hacker techniques will enable you to be prepared to keep your sites secure. Additionally, penetration testers or red teams needing to exploit Joomla targets will also find practical hints in this guide. Enumeration | Recon 1. Joomla Identification & Version2. Enumerate Extension & Version3. Enumerate Templates4. Enumerate Users5. Directory Indexing6. Network Service Discovery7. Bypass Sucuri or CloudFlare Web Firewall8. JoomlaVS & Other Tools Exploitation | Attacks   9. Brute Force Login10. Exploit Extensions11. Exploit Templates12. Exploit Joomla Core13. Sniff and Capture Credentials14. Vulnerable […]

Download Top 1 Million Sites

Data sets of the top 1 million Internet sites are simply compiled lists of web sites (or domains) that are found to have the most traffic. What follows are some of the most popular and well known data sets of the Top 1 Million Sites. Depending on the methodology used; the results can have significant variability. However, having a reasonably accurate list is beneficial to the many use cases that these lists can be applied to. Alexa Top 1 Million Established way back in 1996 Alexa had a popular toolbar addon for web browsers. By using the data collected […]