WP Security Audit Log renamed to WP Activity Log


Today’s announcement is very different from all the previous ones. We are renaming WP Security Audit Log to WP Activity Log. The plugin’s name change reflects the vision we have for the plugin, as explained in this post. A bit of history When we started WP White Security and released the first version of WP Security Audit Log back in 2013, we did not anticipate that our plugin would have such an impact in the WordPress community. Within a short period of time our plugin became the #1 user-rated WordPress activity log plugin. This positive response is what encouraged us […]

Activity Log for MainWP 1.5: New search module & better UX


Searching through the activity logs of multiple websites from one central place should be an easy thing to do. After all, you install an activity log plugin on all the child sites you manage via MainWP so you can know exactly what is happening when you need to. That is why we are really excited to announce the new update of the Activity Log for MainWP plugin. New search & filters with better UX We are the first to admit that the previous search was not exactly the most user friendly. Whenever you ran a search you were greeted with […]

How to track & monitor WordPress database changes?


Did you know that you can track and monitor changes that occur within your WordPress’ site database? This post explains how you can do just that, as well as learn more about the benefits of monitoring WordPress databases and the types of alerts you can receive whenever something has changed within your database. What are the benefits of monitoring WordPress databases closely? Having access to an activity logs can bring so many key benefits to the management of your WordPress website. For example troubleshooting technical issues becomes easier, you can monitor changes on user profiles, content and website settings, and […]

WSAL 4.0.3: Support for WooCommerce 4.0 & new bbPress add-on


Today we are excited to announce WP Security Audit Log 4.0.3. It features an improved WooCommerce activity log sensor with broader coverage, support for the new WooCommerce 4.0 and the new admin tool, an activity log add-on for bbPress, and many other plugin updates. Let’s dive right in for more details on what is new and improved in this update of the most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin. Support for WooCommerce 4.0 WooCommerce 4.0 has the new WooCommerce Admin, a modern JavaScript-driven admin interface. A new interface also means a lot of under the hood changes. So we updated our […]

WordPress activity logs for newbies


WordPress activity logs help site administrators better manage their WordPress websites and users, and keep them secure. Activity logs are also very helpful in a post hack scenario, to identify the source of the attack. If you are new to WordPress activity logs, this article is for you. We will explain what activity logs are, what’s their role on a WordPress website, and what are the benefits of keeping a record of all user and site changes. We will also explain how you can easily keep an activity log on your WordPress website. Let’s start! What are activity logs? Activity […]

Announcing activity logs for WPForms & add-ons in 4.0.1


Today we are really excited because we have two announcements! We are releasing WP Security Audit Log 4.0.1, and the new activity logs add-on for WPForms.  Find out more about activity logs for WPForms, and what else is new in today’s updates in this post. Activity logs for WPForms In my opinion, WPForms is the most easy to use WordPress forms plugin. I like everything about it, including its website and the team that has built it. I really enjoyed working with them; they are very enthusiastic and easy going – Robert Abela, WP White Security. We use WPForms on […]

6 key tips for evaluating WordPress activity log plugins


A WordPress activity log is a must have tool in every website’s security suite. However, determining which plugin is best for incorporating this feature can be tricky, given the large volume of available tools. In order to make an informed decision, there are a few key features to look for when evaluating WordPress activity log plugins. With a bit of research, you can pin down the option that is most suited to your site’s needs. This post will provide a brief introduction to activity log plugins. It will also discuss why it’s important to evaluate them before installing one on […]

WP Security Audit Log V4: the all new, easier to read WordPress activity log


We are starting 2020 with a bang! Today we are excited to release version 4 of WP Security Audit Log. This update is by far the biggest one we have done since we launched this plugin. Version 4 features the all new WordPress activity logs. Now it is much easier to parse through the logs and get a glimpse of what is happening on your WordPress website. This post explains what is new and  improved in this update of the most comprehensive WordPress activity logs plugin. Easier to read yet more detailed WordPress activity logs This section highlights all the […]

Why you should segregate the WordPress activity logs from the website database


WordPress activity logs are a website administrator must have. The are helpful when troubleshooting a technical issue, trying to identify a hack attack or during forensic work. They also allow business owners to monitor users productivity and improve user accountability. Logs are an important security and admin tool that allow you to know exactly what happens on your WordPress websites and multisite networks. In this article we explain why you should segregate the WordPress activity log data from your WordPress website database and how you can do it. Where do plugins store the WordPress activity logs? WP Security Audit Log […]

Activity Log for MainWP update 1.3


Today we are announcing update 1.3 of the Activity Log for MainWP plugin, the MainWP extension that enables you to see the activity logs of all the child sites from the MainWP dashboard. This is a maintenance update. It includes a good number of improvements and bug fixes, as this post highlights. Noteworthy updates in 1.3 Added a new option for the plugin to automatically fetches the activity logs from child sites upon install, Included a new Purge all activity logs button to delete the activity log data in the MainWP database, Added a new WP Security Audit Log version […]