Activity log for WPForms 1.1: logs for integration of third party services & more!

We are excited to announce a new update of Activity Log for the WPForms. With this extension for the WP Activity Log plugin you can keep a log of changes your team does on forms and the WPForms plugin settings. In this update we focused mostly on improving the coverage of the activity logs; WP Activity Log keeps a record of when a user integrates or removes an integration with a third-party service, changes the currency, or installs, activates or deactivates an addon in WPForms. Let’s dive right in to see what are the new event IDs for changes in […]

How to log user activity on your website while employees are remote working

With the pandemic still very much a feature of working lives globally, the number of employees working remotely has dramatically surpassed pre-virus levels. Even after normality is hopefully restored at some point during 2021. It’s expected that at least 25-30% of employees will be working from home multiple days a week. Which begs the question, how can website-based businesses – which are particularly well-suited to remote working – manage their employees effectively during this period of ‘new normal’? In the case of a WordPress blog or eCommerce site, the easy answer is with the help of an employee activity log […]

Activity logs & storage: busting the most common misconceptions

If you operate a WordPress website, you’ll be well aware that there can be a lot happening at once. Even more on a multisite network! For that reason, you need an activity log plugin to track all website users activity. Everyone agrees that activity logs are necessary to successfully manage and run a multi user WordPress site. However, since activity logs are stored in the WordPress database, when site owners learn that, misconceptions start to creep in – what if I do not have enough space to keep an activity log? What if they bloat my database? This article busts […]

WP Activity Log 4.1.3: the new extension for WooCommerce & other updates

BREAKING CHANGES: this update contains a number of breaking changes. Please upgrade to WP Activity Log 4.1.2 before upgrading to version 4.1.3. We are happy to announce the launch of WP Activity Log 4.1.3. This update is particularly important for WooCommerce users. From this update onward the activity log for WooCommerce functionality will be available through an extension and won’t be included in the main plugin. Also in this update, we have moved the plugin’s settings from a custom table to the WordPress settings table, and we have refactored the plugin’s privileges settings. Let’s dive right in to see everything […]

How to monitor a WordPress website for changes

Your WordPress website is a unique combination of plugins, files, posts, pages, users and so much more. With such a complicated mix, it’s important to understand how to monitor your website for changes and make sure your site is as secure as it can be. Not only that, but monitoring your site for changes can help with user accountability, productivity, reports and compliance. So with that in mind, in this article, we’ll show you why you need to monitor your WordPress site for changes and how to do it with two different WordPress security plugins. Why you should monitor your […]

Activity log for WPForms update: logs of entry edits & access control settings changes

Today we are happy to announce a new update of the activity log for WPForms extension. In this update we increased the activity log coverage. With this extension, WP Activity Log keeps a record of entry edits and access control changes. Both these features were introduced in WPForms 1.6.0 just a few weeks ago. Let’s dive right in to see what is new and improved in the latest update of our activity log for the WPForms extension. Keep a log of entry edits in WPForms “Getting accurate data and having control over your form entries should be simple.” – WPForms […]

How to track WordPress user login history with activity logs

WordPress is popular for a reason. If your business site requires multiple people to log in, update content, change settings and collaborate, WordPress has you covered. Setting up a multi-user site has never been easier, but it does come at a cost. With a big team it’s easy to lose track of what everyone is doing, and step in if something goes wrong. This is why it’s important to track your WordPress user login history. It doesn’t have to be complicated either. By installing a WordPress user tracking plugin (also known as activity log plugin), you can track, monitor and […]

WP Security Audit Log renamed to WP Activity Log

Today’s announcement is very different from all the previous ones. We are renaming WP Security Audit Log to WP Activity Log. The plugin’s name change reflects the vision we have for the plugin, as explained in this post. A bit of history When we started WP White Security and released the first version of WP Security Audit Log back in 2013, we did not anticipate that our plugin would have such an impact in the WordPress community. Within a short period of time our plugin became the #1 user-rated WordPress activity log plugin. This positive response is what encouraged us […]

Activity Log for MainWP 1.5: New search module & better UX

Searching through the activity logs of multiple websites from one central place should be an easy thing to do. After all, you install an activity log plugin on all the child sites you manage via MainWP so you can know exactly what is happening when you need to. That is why we are really excited to announce the new update of the Activity Log for MainWP plugin. New search & filters with better UX We are the first to admit that the previous search was not exactly the most user friendly. Whenever you ran a search you were greeted with […]

How to track & monitor WordPress database changes?

Did you know that you can track and monitor changes that occur within your WordPress’ site database? This post explains how you can do just that, as well as learn more about the benefits of monitoring WordPress databases and the types of alerts you can receive whenever something has changed within your database. What are the benefits of monitoring WordPress databases closely? Having access to an activity logs can bring so many key benefits to the management of your WordPress website. For example troubleshooting technical issues becomes easier, you can monitor changes on user profiles, content and website settings, and […]