Why it’s important to continuously keep a WordPress activity log on your website

When users uninstall the WP Security Audit Log plugin from their WordPress website we ask them why they would like to uninstall the plugin. The most common answer is we no longer need it. In other words, the website administrator no longer needs to keep a log of changes that happen on the website. To me and everyone in security, this raises some red flags. It is ineffective to keep a log of changes on any system when used retroactively, after an error or breach occurs. WP Security Audit Log is a powerful WordPress administrator plugin, but only if used […]

Update 3.5.1 – New filters & sorting in the activity log viewer & other improvements

WP Security Audit Log 3.5.1 is a release with a few improvements and bug fixes. It also features the new filters and sorting options for the Severity column in the activity log viewer. Read on to find out what is new and improved in this update of the #1 WordPress activity logs plugin. Filters and sorting for the Severity column As shown above,it is now possible to sort the events in your WordPress activity log by the events’ severity. In WP Security Audit Log Premium you can also filter the activity log view by severity, as shown below. Until now, […]

Announcing the all new Activity Log for MainWP Premium

Are you ready for an exciting announcement? We certainly are! Today we are announcing the premium edition of Activity Logs for MainWP, the popular MainWP extension that allows you to view the logs of all child sites from one central location; the MainWP dashboard. What are the new premium features? The premium edition of the MainWP extension has Search & Filters, and the Reports features. The new features work on both the MainWP and child sites’ activity logs. With the new premium features MainWP administrators get real-time access to the child sites’ activity logs: they can generate reports or search […]

Update 3.5 : New front-end sensors & improved wizard

The main role of an audit log plugin (aka activity log) is to keep a log of the changes users do on your WordPress website. However, the WP Security Audit Log can also keep a log of other website activities that you should know of. For example it can keep a log when new users register on your website, or when visitors request non-existing pages (404 error). In this update we focused on improving these front-end sensors, and also introduced new plugin settings so you can optimize the plugin for your WordPress website. Individual front-end sensors The plugin’s front-end sensors […]

How to delete all logged in user sessions on WordPress

When a user logs on to a WordPress website, a session is created. The details of the session are stored in the WordPress database, specifically in wp_usermeta table. If a session is not terminated by the user via a logout, WordPress automatically terminates the session after a certain period of time. However, in some cases WordPress fails to terminate sessions. This could result in hundreds and thousands of hung sessions on your WordPress. However, there are two ways how you can terminate all the logged in WordPress user sessions on your website, as this post explains. Terminating all WordPress users […]

Activity Log for MainWP 1.0.4 – Data Retention & Details Activity Log Settings

Today we are happy to announce update 1.0.4 of the Activity Log for MainWP, the extension that keeps a log of all that happens on your MainWP dashboard and network of child sites. In this update we are introducing two new settings to help you to better manage your MainWP activity logs. We have also updated the extension to support MainWP 4, which is currently in BETA. New data retention & activity log details settings Activity log details setting The Activity Log for MainWP extension has two functions. It: Shows the activity logs of the child sites in the MainWP […]

PCI DSS for WordPress | Requirement 10: Track & Monitor All Access

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. It is a set of compliance regulations that any eCommerce and WordPress site that somehow deals with cardholder data has to adhere to. Websites have to be compliant even if they do not store cardholder data and uses a third party payment gateway. PCI DSS consist of 12 different requirements which cover every aspect of network, physical and web application security that is required to protect the cardholder data and achieve compliance. In this post we will focus specifically on how PCI DSS requirement 10 applies to WordPress sites and what you […]

Infinite Scroll & Performance Improvements in Update

Another week, another release! Yes, just one week after the major WooCommerce activity log update we have another update of the WP Security Audit Log plugin. This is a minor release, however it does pack a punch when it comes to performance. Here is a highlight of what is new in the update. Infinite Scroll in the Audit Log Viewer Up until this version you could browse through the events in the WordPress activity log via pagination. However because of pagination the plugin had to count all the events in the database every time, which meant the rendering of information […]

Major WooCommerce Activity Log Coverage Improvement in Version 3.3.1

The first major release of the WP Security Audit Log plugin for 2019 is finally here! Now that the holidays are over, we are back in full swing and are happy to announce update 3.3.1 of the most comprehensive activity log plugin for WordPress. The main highlight of this update is the much improved coverage of WooCommerce, making WP Security Audit Log the ultimate WooCommerce activity log plugin. With this much requested activity log update WooCommerce store owners can keep a close eye on how store managers are managing the store, how orders are processed, who is issuing coupons or […]

Announcing Update 3.3 – Slack Support, New External Database & Services UI & More

Today we are excited to announce version 3.3 of WP Security Audit Log. This version update has several new features and improvements, and the ones we are really excited about are: Mirroring WordPress activity logs to Slack All new external database and services UI and functionality. In this update we have focused on the integration of the activity log with other tools and services. WP Security Audit Log is used by thousands of large businesses businesses from the financial, healthcare, education and other industries. Large businesses have these type of requirements, such as ability to mirror the logs in their […]