Major WooCommerce Activity Log Coverage Improvement in Version 3.3.1
The first major release of the WP Security Audit Log plugin for 2019 is finally here! Now that the holidays are over, we are back in full swing and are happy to announce update 3.3.1 of the most comprehensive activity log plugin for WordPress. The main highlight of this update is the much improved coverage of WooCommerce, making WP Security Audit Log the ultimate WooCommerce activity log plugin. With this much requested activity log update WooCommerce store owners can keep a close eye on how store managers are managing the store, how orders are processed, who is issuing coupons or […]

Announcing Update 3.3 – Slack Support, New External Database & Services UI & More
Today we are excited to announce version 3.3 of WP Security Audit Log. This version update has several new features and improvements, and the ones we are really excited about are: Mirroring WordPress activity logs to Slack All new external database and services UI and functionality. In this update we have focused on the integration of the activity log with other tools and services. WP Security Audit Log is used by thousands of large businesses businesses from the financial, healthcare, education and other industries. Large businesses have these type of requirements, such as ability to mirror the logs in their […]

Announcing The New Activity Log for MainWP Extension
Today we are happy to announce the release of a new free extension – Activity Logs for MainWP. With this extension, MainWP users can keep an activity log of changes that happen on their MainWP dashboard, and also see the activity logs of all child sites from one central location – the MainWP dashboard. Before highlighting the features of this new extension we’d like to introduce MainWP, for those who are not familiar with it. What is MainWP? MainWP is a WordPress management suite developed to be the most effective, self-hosted WordPress central dashboard. From the MainWP dashboard a user […]

Activity Logs Compliment Your WordPress Security Plugin & Solution
Very often we are asked how our activity log plugin compares to, and possibly replaces security plugins and solutions such as Malcare, Sucuri and WordFence. The very short answer is that even though our plugin is a security plugin, it does not compete with these type of WordPress security plugins. The WP Security Audit Log plugin is a security focused WordPress activity log plugin, and not a firewall or hardening plugin, which is what the above mentioned plugins and services offer. In fact, it is important to point out that our activity log plugin actually compliments these type of all rounder […]

Update 3.2.4 – Activity Logs for Gutenberg
We are happy to announce update 3.2.4 of WP Security Audit Log, the first activity log plugin to fully support Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor. In this update we also included other new features and improvements. This post highlights what is new and improved in this update of the most comprehensive activity log plugin for WordPress. Activity Logs for Gutenberg Comprehensive activity logs is what sets WP Security Audit Log apart from other activity log plugins for WordPress. And the same value proposition was kept for Gutenberg. So the plugin will not just keep a log that a post has […]

How to Limit & Manage Users Sessions in WordPress Sites & Multisite Networks
Do you ever wonder who is logged in to your WordPress site or multisite network right now? And what content they are reading, or what they are doing while logged in to your site? Knowing such information is crucial for a WordPress site owner or administrator. It will help you better manage your site and stay on top of the game. You can use a WordPress session management plugin to know what your sub contractors or colleagues are doing when logged in to the site. Or if you run a subscription business you can find out how often your customers […]